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DACHS® Real-Time Targets

DACHSview++ targets are not Soft PLCs. Our targets are multi-threaded real-time targets using POSIX threads and are working completely event oriented. That means they are able to wait suspended and blocked e.g. on OS events or incoming IPC messages for shortest and predictable response times.  This is ideal for power saving for small embedded systems!

Each single POSIX thread of a target can be assigned to an individual core of a multicore CPU!

All function blocks provided by the libraries of the workbench are also included in the related DACHSview++ target for QNX6.x or Linux 2.6.3x. / 3.x (32 bit).
Each target system can be connected by the IP address of the host system and an individual assigned port number.

Uploaded application are stored on the local file system of the target. This file will be loaded automatically at target start, and the containing application will be started after a CRC check.

DACHSview++ supports distributed applications using multiple targets on one PC system or a network of PC or embedded systems.

Example screens of 2D / 3D graphical applications:

target images


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