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iOPC Server for DACHSview++

The MS-Windows based iOPC servers support the following features:

  • The iOPC server for DACHSview++ supports the full functionality of the OPC Data Access Server in compliance with the OPC DA Specification 2.03.
  • The iOPC server for DACHSview++ employs the communication drivers of DACHSview used for downloading in order to exchange data with DACHSview++ target systems. This facilitates the access via OPC to all DACHSview++ target systems supplied to date.
  • An iOPC server is also able to read out data from several DACHSview++ target systems at a time by employing several communication drivers.

  • Configuration of the iOPC server is fully integrated in the DACHSview++ programming system by means of the iOPC block library. No additional tool is required for configuring the server.

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